CLS Affiliate Prof. Barbato Calls for an End to Immigration Detention

Erin Barbato, a CLS affiliate faculty member in the UW School of Law and the director of the University’s Immigrant Justice Clinic, has published a forceful editorial in the Capital Times calling for an end to immigration detention in the United States.  She notes that recent reports of forced sterilizations in immigration detention facilities have brought new attention to long-standing abuses and poor health care in those facilities.   “According to an American Civil Liberty Union Research Report,” Barbato notes, “40 new detention facilities opened since 2017, most run by private prison corporations. If these numbers increase as forecasted, we have every reason to believe that the forced sterilizations, medical dangers, and deaths will mount. And Black, Indigenous, and other people of color will bear the burden. We must rebuild the system from the ground up and work toward a future in which immigrants are treated with respect and dignity. Our shared humanity demands it”

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