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Chican@ and Latin@ Studies Program Mission


The Chican@ and Latin@ Studies Program offers a systematic and interdisciplinary analysis of Mexican- and Latin-American-origin people, cultures, and collectivities within the United States. The interdisciplinary Program is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge base and the intellectual tools to understand the unity and diversity of U.S. Latina/o populations. The primary objective of the Program is to train students in the study of Chican@ & Latin@s, as well as to introduce them to the central questions, topics, and applications that have emerged in this field of inquiry. 

The Chican@ and Latin@ Studies Program offers a variety of courses, some focusing on particular national-origin groups or specific academic disciplines, and others organized around comparative topics or issues.


Examples include: Chicana and Latina History; Topics in Comparative Ethnic Studies; Latina/os and Media; Chicana and Chicano History; Race in the Borderlands; The American West; Chican@ & Latin@ Film Culture; Chicana Feminisms; Chican@ & Latin@ and Latina/o Immigrant and Diasporic Cultures; Mexican American Politics; and Integrative Seminar in Comparative Race and Nationalism.