Chican@ & Latin@ Studies Fall 2020 Operational Update

This document summarizes the Chican@ & Latin@ Studies Program’s plan for use of its office space on 3rd floor Ingraham Hall during the Fall of 2020.  The plan has been approved by the College of Letters and Science and may change in response to changing conditions on campus and in the community.

All CLS staff who are able to telecommute will continue to do so unless otherwise instructed by officials at the Division or Campus level.  Staff and instructors will follow all guidelines for access to Ingraham Hall communicated by Central Campus and by the Ingraham Building Manager.

For the Fall semester…

  • Advisor Rachelle Eilers will primarily work remotely, using Ingraham 307 as needed and will access other offices as needed.
  • Administrator Peter Haney will primarily work remotely, using Ingraham 312 as needed. Haney may access other offices as needed and will be the point of contact for the physical space.
  • Lecturer José Villagrán will teach in-person classes and will use Ingraham 308 for the Fall as needed.
  • Lecturer-SA Megan Bailon will teach remotely and will not use Ingraham office space for the Fall.
  • Director Armando Ibarra will primarily work remotely and will access Ingraham 311 and other offices as needed.
  • PA Alma Sida Ontiveros will work remotely for the Fall and may access Ingraham 310 as needed.
  • Undergraduate student employees will work remotely for the Fall.
  • Faculty will use offices in their tenure home departments.
  • Faculty and staff meetings and meetings between students and staff or instructors will take place remotely.
  • Staff and instructors who wish to access Ingraham Hall outside the guidelines above should send their request via email to Armando Ibarra.
  • All staff and instructors will log all visits to Ingraham Hall using a Google spreadsheet established for that purpose.

Guidelines for Staff and Instructor Access to Ingraham 3rd Floor Common Spaces

  1. BATHROOMS:       Minimize use of Ingraham Hall bathrooms.  One person is allowed in the 3rd floor bathrooms at a time.
  2. CLS LIBRARY:       The Library will be unavailable as a study space and closed to the public.  Patrons can access library materials by using the Libraries’ “Pickup by Appointment” system.  Peter Haney will retrieve library materials and deliver them to Memorial for pickup.
  3. ARC (338W) :         The Academic Resource Center (Ingraham 338W) is closed to the public.
  4. STORAGE(339E)   Peter Haney will have access to the storage room in 339E and will retrieve supplies for staff and instructors upon request, with the Director’s permission.
  5. KITCHENETTE     Use the kitchenette as a handwashing station as needed.  Do not use it for other purposes. Avoid using the refrigerator, common appliances, reusable dishes and silverware, and food preparation spaces.  Only one person is allowed in the kitchenette at a time.  Remove personal dishes, silverware, and appliances from the space.
  6. HALLS & STAIRS:  Stay to the right when walking in the halls and stairwells.  CLS shares hall space with other programs and cannot control hall space.
  7. ELEVATORS            Avoid using elevators when possible and minimize sharing of the elevator spaces.  If there is a line at the elevator, board the elevator and complete your  trip quickly rather than waiting in the hall for the elevator to empty.