CLS Community Gatherings, 2013-2014

Welcome to our CLS Community  Gatherings! Our students gather on a weekly basis during the lunch hour to join faculty, staff, and other students for lunch and hear about the myriad of opportunities and services our campus and community provide. These lunches allow us to foster and heighten a sense of community, belonging and connection for all students. The welcoming and supportive environment contributes to a positive climate and the feeling of “home” that students often talk about needing. This academic year, an average of 45 people attended every week!


CLS Community Gatherings serve as a venue to introduce students to faculty, academic departments, and resources both on and off campus. Connecting students to individual people in their already established “community” increases the likelihood that students will use them as resources to support their academic success. In addition, it provides an opportunity for students to meet with their CLS advisor on a weekly basis. This academic year, the CLS Community Gatherings served over 63% of all CLS students. All students wrote about the role that the CLS Gatherings played on their UW-Madison experience, and most wrote about the importance of community, connection, and belonging.



Below are a few examples of what students are saying about the CLS Community Gatherings:

  • “Every time I come to these gatherings it’s like coming home- So much love <3.”
  • “The gatherings are really niece and I feel a strong sense of community and support. I have met a lotof people and made connections and that is very important to me as a freshman.”
  • “I personally have gained many connections with professors and professionals at these gatherings, and I have found out about many opportunities here. I also love the sense of community.”
  • “Great people, great environment, great program!! So many cultures in such a small room… amazing!!”
  • “It has benefited my experience tremendously by making me feel supported, like I’m a apart ofsomething and that there are people that care about my success and overall well-being.”
  • “CLS Gatherings are an amazing way to bring together a large certificate program. I initially felt outof place but I now feel very integrated into the program. I’ve utilized some of the resources who thatcome to speak at the gatherings and my grades have improved. Keep them going!”
  • “The CLS gatherings have been really great! I think it is something very unique to this campus andextremely beneficial, because it brings together students, staff, and faculty in a social, relaxing, andwelcoming environment. Please keep having them in the future.”



This year, we were joined by guest speakers sharing information on a variety of opportunities and services. Presentations covered topics on:

  • Academic services, including The Language Institute, GUTS, International Internships Program, The Writing Center, Cross College Advising Services, The Exploration Center, and L&S Student Academic Affairs.
  • Campus Support Services, including the Office of Career Services, The Mortgridge Outreach Center, WE Badger Volunteers, University Health Services, Multicultural Student Center, RISE, WorkingClass Student Union, and The Center for Academic Excellence.
  • Faculty presentations on research and course offerings.
  • Community resources and partnerships, including Centro Hispano, Dr. Chuy Negrete, and Representative JoCasta Zamarripa.
  • Student presentations on research and campus events.



Thank you for joining and supporting us in building a community of engaged learners!

A special thanks to the Office of the Vice Provost & Chief Diversity Officer for their support of the CLS Community Gatherings.

Note: Funded in part by the Office of the Vice Provost & Chief Diversity Officer. The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of the Vice Provost & Chief Diversity Officer or of the University of Wisconsin–Madison.