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Spring 2017 Courses


Course Topic Time Professor Course Description
CLS 102

Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies



MW 1:20-2:10PM

 Timonthy Yu

This course introduces students to a multicultural history of the United States, focusing on each of the major ethnic groups: European Americans, African Americans, Native Americans, Chicano/as, Latino/as and Asian Americans.

Pre-Reqs: Fr and So only; others by cons inst

CLS 201

Introdution to Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies

MWF 9:55-10:45AM Natalie Belisle

Introduction to the interdisciplinary study of Chicanas/os in the United States. Students will become acquainted with recent scholarly literature, paradigms, theories, and debates within Chicana/o studies pertaining to the historical, economic, cultural, and sociopolitical dimensions of the Chicana/o experience in the United States.

Pre-Reqs: Open to Fr & So only



Politics in Multi-Cultural Societies

MWF 9:55-10:45AM

Ben Marquez

Race, ethnicity, and religion as political factors; cultural pluralism, politics, and policy in the United States and selected other multi-cultural politics.

Pre-Reqs: Fr or So st only

CLS 330 Art Empowerment-Latix Artist TR 2:30-3:45PM


 Patricia Tucker  

An examination of specific themes in Chicano/a life, ways and culture. Topics may include border culture, Chicano/a ethnicity and identity, and Mexican immigration to the United States.

Pre-Reqs: Jr st or cons inst



Race, Ethnicity, and Media  MW 9:55-10:45AM Lori Lopez  

Introduction to the changing images of race and ethnicity in U.S. entertainment media and popular culture. Surveys history, key concepts and contemporary debates regarding mediated representation of ethnic minorities. Critical and cultural studies approaches are emphasized.

Pre-Reqs: Open to Fr



The American West Since 1850

TR 8:00-9:15AM

 Susan Johnson The West as frontier and region since 1850. Indian-white and other interethnic relations; federal policies; the development of a resource-intensive economy, its environmental effects, and political conflicts accompanying it; and the ideology of the frontier in American culture.

Pre-Reqs: So st



Dimensions of Latin@ Mental Health Services T 7:45-10:45AM   Steven Quintana

This service-learning course provides training for students who aspire to one of the helping, health, or mental health professions and who currently work or who envision themselves working with Latin@ populations. The course provides important frameworks for working with Latin@s, including cultural, spiritual, linguistic and historical features relevant to this population and begin to apply their knowledge in service learning placements.

Pre-Reqs: Junior standing or 6 credits of CHICLA

CLS 699 Directed Study  --  --

Credit(s) for self-directed students learners conducting independent reading and research under the mentorship and guidance of a faculty member.



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