Falina Enriquez

Position title: Associate Professor,  Anthropology

Email: fenriquez2@wisc.edu

Dr. Enriquez’s  research focuses on the cultural politics of music in the Recife, Brazil. She examines how local musicians, bureaucrats, and other city residents participate in musical activities and how they imagine these in relationship to various forms of local and inter/national identity, economic circumstances, and political discourses. By contrasting how people produce, consume, and evaluate a constellation of contemporary and folklorized music genres, she argues that music is significant well beyond its entertainment value as a medium through which various actors negotiate and create notions of belonging, social stratification, and locality. As she develops her book project, she is focusing on how independent musicians broadly working with rock-influenced styles are managing the country’s recent economic downturn in ways that echo global trends, but which are also anchored to the particularities of Recife and Brazil. For more information, see her faculty website.