Latinx Studies Journal

CLS 2022 Journal CoverLatinx Studies Journal previously known as Concientización is a student academic journal dedicated to promoting the study of Chican@ and Latin@ experience and thought. We are committed to creating alliances across boundaries of nation, race, ethnicity, gender, class, and sexuality.  Submissions include essays, poems, and artwork related to  Chican@/Latin@s in the United States. Latinx Studies Journal also gives students the opportunity to participate in the publication process as authors and editors. If you have questions regarding the journal, please contact our Project Assistant at

Copies of Concientización, vol. 3, nos. 1 & 2 (Winter/Spring 2006) are available on request from the Chican@ and Latin@ Studies Program. Because of copyright limitations, this issue will not be available on our website. For a copy of the issue, please contact the Program at

Submission Information

Latinx Studies Journal accepts and publishes several types of work that are thoughtful, substantive, and scholarly in nature. These submissions can take the form of research study, scholarly compositions, reviews, poetry, and artwork.

Editorial Review Board

Latinx Studies Journal is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal, and we are currently seeking Graduate Students to provide feedback on submitted manuscripts. If you are interested in serving on our Editorial Board, please send a copy of your CV listing areas of academic expertise to the Coordinating Editor.


If you have any questions concerning the submission or review process please email the Journal Editor at

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