Jennifer Jones

Position title: Assistant Professor of Sociology and Latin American & Latino Studies

Website: Jennifer Jones's website

Jennifer Jones headshot

Specializing in race and ethnicity, immigration, political sociology, Latinx studies, Afro-Latinx studies, and Latin America and the Caribbean, Dr. Jones has published in such journals as Contexts, International Migration Review, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, Ethnic and Racial Studies, and Latino Studies. She recently completed her first book entitled: The Browning of the New South (University of Chicago Press in 2019), which examines a case study of shifting race relations and the experiences of Mexican immigrants who have settled in the Winston-Salem area of North Carolina to explore regional racial change. In the book, Dr. Jones argues that in many locations throughout Southeast, Latinos are being situated alongside blacks as excluded minorities, who see African-Americans as allies rather than adversaries. Moreover, she posits that such changes have enormous implications for local, state, and national politics.