Kathryn Kirchgasler

Position title: Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

Email: katie.kirchgasler@wisc.edu

Kathryn Kirchgasler Headshot

Katie Kirchgasler’s research explores underexamined histories of coloniality and racialization in STEM, health, and environmental education and how these histories impact teachers and students today. Her current project interweaves insights from Chican@/Latin@ Studies and Science & Technology Studies to examine the indebtedness of U.S. science education to broader biopolitical projects of school segregation, Americanization programs, and hygiene movements. At stake is how efforts to make science education equitable for emergent bilingual students today inherit cultural norms and raciolinguistic distinctions that may inadvertently reanimate older modes of marginalization, pathologization, and exclusion.  For more information, see Kathryn Kirchgasler’s website.