CLS Publishes the Fall/Spring 2019 Latinx Studies Journal

CLS Journal Fall 2019 Cover

The Chican@ & Latin@ Studies Program is pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of Latinx Studies Journal. Previously known as Concientización, this peer-reviewed journal of undergraduate writing promotes the study of Chican@ and Latin@ experience and thought. Student contributions to the journal include essays, stories, memoirs, and poems exploring themes related to building alliances across boundaries of nation, race, ethnicity, gender, class, and sexuality.  Latinx Studies Journal also gives students the opportunity to participate in the publication process as authors and editors. Congratulations are due to editors Alma Sida and Samantha Arroyo for their hard work on the journal, to the contributors, and to the faculty, staff, and instructors who served as reviewers.  Many of the pieces in the journal originated as papers for CLS classes, and as you read them, take a moment to appreciate the remarkable work our students are doing.  Think also about our dedicated faculty and instructors, who create the learning environments that nurture this kind of writing.  If you’re a student with something you’d like to share with the Program, or a faculty member who has noticed a student paper that ought to get more exposure, it’s not too late!  Project Assistant Alma Sida is happy to take submissions for the next issue journal.