Almita Miranda Receives PARCI Grant to Study Mixed-Status Families

Almita Miranda, Assistant Professor of Geography and Chican@ and Latin@ Studies, received funding from the Pandemic-Affected Research Continuation Initiative (PARCI) to conduct follow-up ethnographic research with return migrants and transnational family networks in rural communities in central Mexico. She will be conducting semi-structured interviews, participant-observation, and archival research in Zacatecas, Mexico to examine the effects of return migration, family separation, and displacement due to contemporary U.S. immigration policies. This is part of her current book project, Living in Legal Limbo: Migration, Citizenship, and Mixed-Status Families Across Borders.  The Pandemic-Affected Research Continuation Initiative supports UW-Madison researchers who found themselves to spend research funds even though their research faced pandemic-related restrictions after March, 2020.