CLS Mourns the Loss of Juan Jose Lopez (’90)

The Chican@ & Latin@ Studies Program joins the Madison community in mourning the loss of community leader Juan Jose Lopez.  One of many ethnic Mexican students who came to the University from Texas during the 1980s, Mr. Lopez remained in Madison after completing a BA in social welfare in 1990. Since then, he distinguished himself as a leader in our community.  Elected to the Madison school board a mere four years after graduating, Mr. Lopez served on that body until 2006.  He was later appointed to the boards of numerous important Latinx community organizations in Wisconsin and provided important service to the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development until his retirement in 2019.  During and after his time as a student, Mr. López was a strong supporter of the CLS Program, and he continued to be so throughout his life.  Like many Madisonians, our faculty and staff will miss Mr. Lopez’s leadership and fighting spirit.  Juan José López, ¡Presente!