CLS Faculty Statement on Social Media Video

The undersigned faculty and staff of the Chican@ & Latin@ Studies Program join the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s administration as well as ChiLaCSA  and other student groups, in condemning a recent video of a profane and abusive racist rant that has provoked a disturbance in the University community.  We also applaud the recent statement by Deputy Vice Chancellor LaVar Charleston, the University’s Chief Diversity Officer, which affirms the University’s shared values and calls on all of us to respond to hate not with hate but “with the recognition of the great beauty, talent, and strength of our community, including the great many talented Black Badgers who contribute to our university and strengthen our community.” Hate has no place on any campus or any place at all. As investigations of the incident continue, we call on the administration to take visible steps to address the harm that the video has caused and to facilitate healing and care for all those affected by it. This is not the first racially charged incident to attract the campus’s attention in recent years—or even this year.  These incidents should trouble us all.  We urge students, staff, and our fellow faculty to redouble efforts at dialogue, reflection, and self-examination. This incident should remind us of the importance of the work done on campus by programs in U.S. gender, ethnic, and indigenous nations studies to lift up the stories of marginalized communities, examine racial and gender oppression, and create welcoming spaces for all. As a Program, we pledge to continue this work as we strive to make the University a more just and peaceful place where all can thrive.

Megan Bailon, Lecturer

Nidia Bañuelos, Assistant Professor

Erin Barbato, Director Immigrant Justice Clinic

Theresa Delgadillo, Vilas Distinguished Professor

Rachelle Eilers, Senior Advisor

Falina Enriquez, Associate Professor

Alberta M. Gloria, Professor

Mary Louise Gomez, Emerita Professor

Armando Ibarra, Vilas Distinguished Professor

Michael Light, Professor

Katie Kirchgasler, Assistant Professor

Edna Ledesma, Assistant Professor

Alfonso Morales, Vilas Distinguished Professor

Peter Haney, Administrator

Benjamin Marquez, Professor

Sara McKinnon, Professor

Rubén Medina, Professor

Almita Miranda, Assistant Professor

Jorell Melendez Badillo, Assistant Professor

Allison Powers Useche, Assistant Professor

Alysa M. Ramírez Stege, Assistant Professor

Marla Ramírez-Tahuado, Assistant Professor

Sara M. Ríos, Assistant Professor

Diana Rodríguez-Gómez

Diego X Roman, Assistant Professor

Christopher Saldaña, Assistant Professor

Aurora Santiago Ortiz, Assistant Professor

Carolina Sarmiento, Assistant Professor

Revel Sims, Assistant Professor

Kate Vieira, Professor

Juan Zalapa, Professor